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Welcome to the Blog

Here you can read about our journey. All the way from coming up with the idea, to an award winning company, and finally to our world’s first intelligent medical ID!



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Medical ID

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User testing

As part of our release we're doing some user testing to make sure you all understand and love our app as much as we do! It involves being recorded while using one of our phones with installed. A very brief yet interesting experience which only requires... is live! is finally out on android! Make sure to check it out! We really believe this is the perfect app to create calming safety net around your life. No matter where you are or whatever your condition, you'll never feel vulnerable when you're using...


After our last post we suddenly realised we had quite a lot of work to do! Winning the Social Impact Prize was amazing. It did however mean that we needed to prepare our product for launch! It was quite a change. A lot of our effort was going into preparing for the...

Social Impact Prize 2018

Last Thursday, the 3rd of May, was the award ceremony for Startup Sussex and the Social Impact prize at the Sussex Innovation Centre. This was the end of all the startup workshops we had been taking part in since last October. It was an especially scary yet exciting...

StartUp Sussex

What is StartUp Sussex? StartUp Sussex is a competition run by Sussex University as a way to help students develop entrepreneurial skills and also to see whether their idea is worth pursuing.  The prizes range from £10,000 to £6,000 depending on whether you come 1st,... is for everyone

For us everyone is equally important. We want to improve the quality of life for all people. However, today we feel like it is very important to appreciate all the mothers out there. The 11th of March is your day. We want to make you feel special and appreciated....

Our story

Where to begin? started as just an idea in July 2017. I was in a taxi travelling to a restaurant with my family when for some reason my brain decided to wonder why there were no services for people living alone that could be in trouble and have no way to...

Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the blog!                         As is nearing completion the nerve wracking time has come to make our idea public... hopefully you'll like it. We intend on...