User testing

As part of our release we’re doing some user testing to make sure you all understand and love our app as much as we do! It involves being recorded while using one of our phones with installed. A very brief yet interesting experience which only requires your presence!

When? This Friday the 7th of December! Why not come along?

Where? Sussex Innovation Centre

Your opinions and feedback are extremely valuable to us. It will only take a few minutes and each participant will get a chance to win a £10 Amazon gift voucher! If you’d like to get involved please email

Posted by in Release, 0 comments is live! is finally out on android! Make sure to check it out! We really believe this is the perfect app to create calming safety net around your life. No matter where you are or whatever your condition, you’ll never feel vulnerable when you’re using

Stop worrying, start living.

Get it on Google Play

We hope you like it as much as we do. Make sure you leave reviews or suggest features! We’re so keen to work with you to make this the perfect app for both you and us.

Thanks for reading and enjoy 🙂

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After our last post we suddenly realised we had quite a lot of work to do! Winning the Social Impact Prize was amazing. It did however mean that we needed to prepare our product for launch!

It was quite a change. A lot of our effort was going into preparing for the competition and doing our best to win. After winning, we had to change to focus entirely on our business. We had managed to get funding, people believed in us, it was time to start preparing for release. However…

Who knew releasing a product could be difficult?

Right now we’re just an app, how hard can it be? We already had a working app we demonstrated in our presentations, we’re ready to go, right? If only it were that easy.

Unfortunately for us (good for you), we decided we were going to remake our app. We wanted a smoother and simpler user experience so anyone and everyone could easily understand and use This is a pretty big task considering we only have 1 developer.

Here’s an example of why we wanted to remake our app:

old VS new

Although it may not look like much difference, the app on the right is far quicker, simpler, and much more efficient for the phone in general. The re-designed layout switcher at the bottom on the right means instead of a big confusing menu you can simply swipe left or right to see your desired screens.

We also decided to get rid of our logo, change our font, and make it look cleaner in general. Why do you need to be forced to look at our logo on every page? You don’t!

Four months of work

The new app took four months of work. That may seem like a long time to some people, but for something that could potentially save lives, we wanted there to be absolutely no bugs or errors that could ruin the user experience.

Included in that four months of work is some stuff you’ll never even notice, such as: re-designing the database, adding new tables, checking the server configuration is correct, and making sure everything is secure for both you and us.

We also rebuilt our landing page to be friendly for virtually every screen and device. It’s also a lot more informative for what our app is actually is. This only took us a week as landing pages are much simpler than apps!

Here’s a quick comparison between the old and new landing  pages:


Seeing as you’re here you’ve probably already seen our new landing page. We hope you like it, we feel it’s far better than our last one!

We’re going to release on the…

Our app has been secretly out for about a week or so, we wanted to get a few users to make sure everything was working as expected before really going for it with our release. We’ve done that now, and everything worked perfectly. Therefore, we’re going to release on the 27th of September (Thursday this week!).

We’re pretty excited about our release. Obviously we hope it’s going to be extremely popular, but only time will tell! We’ll be keeping you all updated on how it’s going much more regularly now the app and website are fully done. We still have a huge ‘secret’ that we’re working on that will help people in a  far greater way than our app alone, we really believe it will save lives. Unfortunately we can’t say much about that right now but keep it in mind. The App is only our first step.

A little note that may be annoying for some people, we’re currently only on android for development reasons. However, if our release goes as expected, we plan to be on iOS ‘soon’ after.

Let us know!

We love hearing from you. Comments, emails, whatever! We like the idea of working with our followers. If you feel like you have a better way to do something or want a new feature for the app, tell us! We’ll listen to everyone.

Thank you so much for reading and pay attention to this week… we have lots of news coming!

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Social Impact Prize 2018

Last Thursday, the 3rd of May, was the award ceremony for Startup Sussex and the Social Impact prize at the Sussex Innovation Centre. This was the end of all the startup workshops we had been taking part in since last October. It was an especially scary yet exciting night for us as we finally found out who was going to win the prizes!

There were two main categories, one for StartUp Sussex and one for the Social Impact Prize. Luckily, we were in both. The competition had gone from over 80 initial people down to only 10 remaining. The award for coming first was a prize worth £10,000. A prize that could potentially turn any Start Up idea into a real business.

On the two days leading up to the award ceremony we had to pitch our idea to a panel of judges as well as submit a business plan. It was a very intimidating process but also an extremely educational one.

We thought our presentations for had gone really well.

In both presentations we did at least one judge said they thought it was a really good idea or that they would even buy it. Although this gave us a lot of confidence that we could stand a chance of winning, the competition we faced was extremely tough.

As Thursday approached our nerves amplified. Every time I thought about the winners being called out and not being one of them I got an adrenaline spike throughout my body. Going to the awards ceremony we were almost on autopilot. Both of us were extremely anxious but also knew we had to make it through the day no matter if we won or not.

The awards ceremony itself was a nice formal occasion with lots of free food and alcohol, always a plus. There were many photos being taken and every competitor was there with their friends or family. I’m not sure how the other competitors felt but all we could think about was what time the awards were being given out and to whom they would go.

Halfway through the ceremony we gathered into a room to watch videos giving a brief overview of each competitors idea. Although it makes us cringe, here’s ours:


After all the videos were shown we went back out into the main gathering area for more food and drink. Neither of us ate as we were too nervous. Even writing this now I’m starting to get anxious even though it’s over! The fact is, winning £10,000 could potentially change our lives and make turn our business into our careers. It was hard not to be nervous.

After what seemed to be a long time waiting for the awards to start, finally, they did.

It started with a few speeches about how far we had all come. And we hadn’t really thought about it, but they were right, had gone from a website and a half finished app to a developed business plan, presentation, and a working prototype. Without the Sussex Innovation Centre’s help we wouldn’t be anywhere near as far as we are now.

And finally, the awards were given out. The awards were being given out by the Brighton Mayor,  Mo Marsh. The Social Impact category was first. Amazingly the generous person behind the funding for this category was so impressed with the competition that he added more prizes, that meant there were now 3 prizes in this category! This obviously boosted our morale as it meant our chances of winning at least something had increased massively!

3rd place was given to Vorteil –  a sustainable tech business creating products such as solar powered lights.

2nd place was given to RED –  giving renewable energy to rural communities in Zimbabwe.

1st place was given to… DEADLINE.LIVE!

We won the Social Impact Prize! I can’t describe how much relief and excitement hearing 1st place goes to “” gave us. It meant so much to us. Not only to help us financially but also to prove that it’s a good idea and that we can convince other people that our idea means something. We and all the other winners were so relieved. We all gathered together celebrating each other and just hung around being happy and in shock.

Everything after this was a blur of excitement and happiness. It got round to the the StartUp Sussex category winners were being awarded their prizes, unfortunately we didn’t win anything here but we can’t be too greedy 😉 We had to give a comment of how we felt for a press release and have lots of photos taken! For the night we felt famous.

Here’s a picture of all the winners! (We’re on the left)


As the night came to an end we tried to thank everyone involved but likely missed some people due to still being in shock! We would like to thank everyone at the Sussex Innovation Centre, especially Simon and Joseph. We really think these past few months working on with you will change the rest of our lives. We want to thank all the judges and also those that wish to remain anonymous! Everyone helped us a great deal and gave us such confidence in ourselves and in our business. We will never forget it. Thank you.

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StartUp Sussex

What is StartUp Sussex?

StartUp Sussex is a competition run by Sussex University as a way to help students develop entrepreneurial skills and also to see whether their idea is worth pursuing.  The prizes range from £10,000 to £6,000 depending on whether you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. There is also a social impact prize worth another £10,000 of funding.

How we got in

One of the requirements for getting into StartUp Sussex is at least one of your team members being a student at Sussex University. Luckily for us we met that requirement. The other requirement was sending a 50 word introduction to your idea and why you deserved a place. I believe there were only about 50 positions available. However, they admitted to letting more people in as there were so many good ideas.

Getting in wasn’t really that hard. The main difficulty was fitting our idea into 50 words. Once we scrutinised our 50 words and submitted it the form all we could do was wait. Luckily, or perhaps by this point I shouldn’t say luckily, we got in.

The competition is split into phases

Phase 1 was the beginning, everyone that successfully got into StartUp Sussex was here. This phase consisted of weekly presentations/talks to all the competitors talking about business, marketing, entrepreneurial skills, and looking at past winners. The main focus of phase 1 was the presentation at the end. We had to do a 2 minute presentation about our idea to every competitor and judges. The judges then decided whose ideas were good enough to allow into phase 2.

Although we thought the presentation went very well, we still weren’t certain we did enough to pass. After all, there were only 10 positions in phase 2 and there were a lot more than 10 people in phase 1. However, I have to admit that although my business partner and my friends and family had doubts, I was almost certain we were going to get into phase 2. I knew our idea was worthy.

And of course, after a few weeks of waiting, we received the email saying we had reached phase 2! Not only that but part of getting into phase 2 meant we were given £500 funding to spend on our idea. Which at the time was much-needed.

We had some breathing space

As phase 2 started a few months after phase 1, we had some time to calm down a bit. Although in my opinion could probably have been released at this time, it was time to start taking it a lot more seriously and professionally. Part of this involved re-designing sections of the website to make them not only look usable but also to make them look professional. We also looked into registering as proper business. Though I admit part of wanting to do that was so we could call ourselves Founders, CEOs, and all those cool titles.

A few months later phase 2 began

This is where we are right now, half way through phase 2. This phase is quite similar to the first although there are only 10 competitors and we get our own mentors to help us! We also began going to the meetings as a team this time rather than only one of us going in phase 1.

This phase is a lot heavier on the business side of things, what you need to do, what you shouldn’t do, the best way to do things. The end goal of this phase is to do a 10 minute presentation to a panel of  judges convincing them that your idea is worth investing in. We are also required to write a business proposal including all the fine details about and how it will succeed.

Although presenting for 10 minutes to a panel of potential investors is rather daunting, I’m still quietly confident. If anything as time goes on I’m only liking our idea more and more.

When we win

Perhaps acting as if we’re going to win is the wrong idea although I’m not sure it will have any negative side effects. Confidence is important in life and if you don’t think your idea is worthy then why would investors think your idea is worthy?

Winning StartUp Sussex will help enormously. The £10,000 funding alone will be incredibly helpful but we also get a mentor, membership at the Sussex Innovation Centre, and also the fame that comes from winning. I have no doubt in my mind that if we win StartUp Sussex will turn into a career for all of our team.


If we don’t win we’ll still win

Losing would be extremely disappointing. Especially as I know our idea is worthy.  However, things can happen. We could mess up the presentation, make a mistake on the business proposal, or other ideas could simply be better than ours.

No matter if we win or lose, will continue to exist. I believe could organically grow into a huge company due to it’s basic idea of a dead man’s switch for vulnerable people. Obviously winning would make this process a lot easier, but we definitely wouldn’t give up. We’ve already learnt a huge amount from StartUp Sussex and we believe that we’d be able to take from being a startup business to a fully functional professional business.

And if all else fails…I suppose we could at least put “almost won StartUp Sussex” on our CVs, right?

Either way, competition is fun. And also required. Hopefully will win, the only way you’ll know for sure is to subscribe to our blog so you see our latest updates 😉

Thanks for reading! 🙂






Posted by in Pre-release, 0 comments is for everyone

For us everyone is equally important.

We want to improve the quality of life for all people.

However, today we feel like it is very important to appreciate all the mothers out there.

The 11th of March is your day.

We want to make you feel special and appreciated.

Being a mum is a challenging and difficult task, but being a diabetic mum is even harder. You not only need to make sure your child is safe but also need make sure you are safe, strong, and healthy.

We are also celebrating mothers whose children suffer from diabetes. was created with the idea to not only help those that suffer from life threatening illnesses but also their families and friends. We want people to be together even when they’re apart.

Happy Mother’s day wants to wish you all an amazing Mother’s day and we hope that all your dreams come true. That you and your kids will feel safe and protected. That you will be able to explore the world in the way you want and nothing will limit you in any way. That you children are going to explore the world in the way they want.

Soon we will be able to give you more updates about our product. For now on keep an eye at this space. Subscribe to our newsletter and maybe you’ll be the first one to use our app! Team 🙂


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Our story

Where to begin? started as just an idea in July 2017. I was in a taxi travelling to a restaurant with my family when for some reason my brain decided to wonder why there were no services for people living alone that could be in trouble and have no way to tell people they were in trouble. Of course I thought about panic buttons and such devices but they all seemed to have failed to think of what happens if you can’t alert anyone? how do you tell someone you’re in trouble without doing anything? that’s where the idea of using a dead man’s switch came in.

I have to admit the idea probably came to me because of my own situation. I have type 1 diabetes and part of being diabetic is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Normally hypoglycemia can be fixed by eating a few sweets, but in some cases it can come on suddenly and you won’t have much time to react or realise you need to react (confusion is a symptom of hypoglycemia). In these cases it’s possible to lose consciousness, and in some cases go into a coma or worse.  So as a diabetic, sleeping always seemed risky for me. While most of the time I sleep fine, or if my sugar does go low during my sleep I usually wake up, there have been times where I’ve only woken up due to my alarm or someone waking me up and upon waking I realise I’m not far off severe hypoglycemia. In these situations I always wonder what would happen if I hadn’t been woken up?

With my situation and my taxi ‘revelation’ a dead man’s switch app seemed like a great idea to me. And not just for me. I suddenly realised that although this would be extremely useful to diabetics, why not other illnesses? why not elderly people? why not people that are afraid of walking home at night? In fact why not anyone that simply wants to feel safer? With the idea firmly planted in my head, I began work.

At first I made a basic website just for me

A simple static page with a timer for me to click every set amount of hours (I set it to 24 hours for me) and a link to give people to check my page every now and then. I told them if my timer ever reached 0 I was in trouble. As time went on I kept adding features and making it more complex. I decided to create an account system so anyone could register and use it, I gave it a huge visual update so it actually looked like a website, I created a mobile version, and finally I created an app. After a few months I ended up with a dead man’s switch service that could track your phones location in the event of your deadline expiring and you being in trouble. I made it so that anyone could create an account and have either their own dead man’s switch and monitor other people’s deadlines, or just monitor other people’s deadlines. I made it so family and friends that wanted to monitor your deadline need to create accounts so in the case of an emergency it’s more likely they’ll get alerted. Everyone has their phones with them these days so why not make a phone notification the main way of getting alerted?

After I had my dead man’s switch service built I was happy to use it myself but still nervous of releasing it to the public. I didn’t want people to put their trust in me and my system failing to alert people that their friend or family member was in danger. I tested it a lot, and I mean a lot. I created huge fail-safe systems to ensure notifications and emails were always sent out if a deadline expired. After a few more months of testing I was finally happy.

That’s when I did nothing

I had a fully working dead man’s switch service usable only by me, hosted on a server which only I was using. Even though I was sure my idea was different than what was out there and that the current dead man switch apps out there were… lacking things, for some reason I was still uncertain or always wanted to add more features before releasing it.

And that’s when I did something

That something involves my girlfriend starting to help me with my idea and deciding that together we were going to enter into the StartUp Sussex competition. And we got in! But that whole story is for next time…


Thanks for reading! and if you enjoyed it or like the idea be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on facebook, instagram, and all that good stuff 🙂

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Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the blog!













As is nearing completion the nerve wracking time has come to make our idea public… hopefully you’ll like it.

We intend on blogging about our story as well as any updates or news about We are currently in a startup competition and nearing release so this time is very exciting for us, but we’ll talk about that more later.

For now feel free to look around and check out our landing page : for more information and a sneak preview of how the app looks.

And now it’s time to end the first blog, but be sure to subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be the first to know anything about 🙂


Thanks for reading.


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