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Brighton Wonderfest 2019

We are very excited to announce that we are going to take part in Brighton Wonderfest 2019. It is a festival showcases the future of health, home, transport, and education. Therefore we feel very proud to be there and exhibit 

The aim of the festival is to explore the science behind new inventions, discover the latest technology for the future!

To find out more about the festival visit their website.

We can’t wait to discuss new technologies and of course what is with any visitors. 

If you are going to the festival – See you there. 

If not, don’t worry we will keep you updated across all our social platform. 

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Crowdfunding campaign

Join the movement.

Creating a new product is incredibly expensive. Especially one like ours that involves building new hardware and software specifically for it. We’d love for a world to exist where anyone with a small amount of money could build a brand new product, but sadly that doesn’t exist. Fortunately, crowdfunding does. We’re hoping that others will share our vision in how our new form of medical ID could change the world and by working together we can fund this project.


Because it seems like the next logical step in medical ID. Medical data engraved onto leather or metal has been around for a long time, too long. It’s 2019, do we really want to settle for having such an old fashioned physical product like that? Say your condition slightly changes, you’re now on a different medication. How do you update your medical ID? You’d likely have to buy a new one, or at least get something new engraved. Now take our smart medical ID – your condition changes, what do you do? Simply update your medical data on your phone and press sync. Your medical ID bracelet is now up to date. Time taken? Less than a minute. Cost? £0. Of course there are added benefits as well such as being more fashionable and having other basic smartwatch features.

We believe that it is important to improve the lives of people that suffer from diabetes or other life threatening diseases.

Life is hard with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Harder than most people know. Why not make something in their lives a little bit better? Easily available and updatable medical ID is an important thing those with medical conditions should have. Providing it is the least we can do.

How can you help? Join the movement!

If you want to support our cause, the easiest way is to go to and simply sign up for email updates. You can also download our free Android app which has a lock screen medical ID. 

We’d also love for you to follow us on social media and of course tell your friends!

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The life with diabetes – Interview with Will Halle

Will Halle is a co-founder of At the age of 13 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

How did you feel when you found out you have type 1 diabetes now?

Tired. The day I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes was much like any other day. I had been to school, played basketball, came home… except today I was going to a doctor’s appointment. I had been feeling off for quite a while, so long that it had just become normal and I didn’t think much of it. So when the doctor said I had diabetes, I guess I just accepted it. I already knew what it was as a friend was diabetic and so was my auntie. 

It wasn’t so much being rushed off to hospital, finding out my sugar level was 60mmol (apparently record-breaking or something)  that made me feel anything. All I wanted to do was go home, the hospital wasn’t exactly a nice place to be. 

The real feelings came after being sent home. Realising that for the rest of my life I’d have to inject myself and check my sugar levels. That wasn’t a great feeling. I missed a lot of school because of it. For a few months, I just tried to ignore life. 

After a while, I accepted that I was stuck like this and there was nothing I could do. The only real feeling that’s left with me is annoyance. Diabetes is incredibly annoying and is with you 24/7. 

Why did you think it is a good idea?

As soon as I thought of it. I’ve always been aware of the situations that could happen if I were on my own and had a really low sugar level. There’s only so much checking and preparing you can do, one day something is going to go wrong. That’s life. Instead of hoping that the day of a severe low sugar level never happened, I created a solution for if it ever did.

How often do you feel like diabetes is limiting you?

All the time. I can’t think of a single task that isn’t affected by my diabetes in some way. Even going for a 10 minute walk I have to think of what it’s going to do for my sugar level. The last few years I got really into lifting. I managed to get to quite an advanced level (350 lbs bench press if anyone cares). However, the journey to that level of strength really highlighted its effect. Whether it’s needing to eat before a certain lift, or having to wait as I just checked my sugar level and if I grab the bar my finger will start bleeding again, it all adds up. And that’s life with diabetes, lots of small things that add up which accumulates to quite something.

Do you feel like you have your disease under control?

Yes. I’ve never really had my diabetes uncontrolled. Through my teens I was just lucky, somehow, even though I was never checking my blood level, it stayed normal. As I grew up and started checking far more often it’s stayed the same way. I’ve never had a check-up where I was told I need to lower my sugar level. If anything they’re worried about it being too low.

How often do you exercise?

Roughly 3 days a week. Mostly lifting, occasionally cardio. Lifting is perfect as you need rest days, and rest days are always nice.

Have you ever not done something because you thought it might increase or decrease your sugar level?

All the time. Especially around food times. The thing about diabetes is it works well if you have a routine. As soon as you interrupt that routine things can go wrong fast. For example, if you’ve just eaten lunch and someone unexpectedly asks you to go for a walk, even on the nicest day of the year someone with diabetes will think twice.

Have you ever experienced a hypo?

Yes, they’re quite common. Most of them are quickly fixed by eating something sweet. A good excuse for chocolate.

Do you think can improve the lives of not only diabetic people?

Definitely. It’s only really focused on diabetes right now because that’s what I have. It would definitely work for any chronic illness or for anyone that has a condition that others may need to be aware of. The personal safety side of the app would also be a good fit for someone walking home alone at night and wanting to feel a bit more secure.

Learn more about features – here

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What’s new!

Product Update 09/09/2019

It is this time again when we present to you what team has been busy with. We have added a brand new feature!

Auto deadline

Our new feature – Auto deadline!  If enabled, you no longer have to manually check-in every x amount of hours, all you have to do is unlock your phone and we automatically update your deadline check-in time. Once enabled it’ll run as a foreground service 24/7 and you’ll never have to think about it again. If you do have an emergency and are unable to reach your phone, you will miss your check-in and your emergency contact will be notified as usual. It’s completely optional and can be turned on/off at any time.

Learn more about features – here

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Smart Medical ID

Universal medical ID with panic button and “dead man’s switch” features

Have you ever wonder what is going to happen if you’re on your own or surrounded by strangers who won’t know what’s happening and what to do?

We believe that in dangerous situations Medical ID can help to identify you and your underlying conditions.

That’s why developed a smart Medical ID. It is fully customisable. You can decide exactly what you want to display and when you want to display it. Medical ID appears at all times on your phone 24/7. You don’t need to unlock your phone to see all the information. Just double-tap to open it.

  • Customisable medical ID

Decide exactly what you want to display and when you want to display it.

  • High visibility

When enabled, your medical ID will appear as a notification on your phone 24/7. Double-tap to open it.

  • Password not required

Your medical ID will still be accessible from a locked phone. Those assisting you will have no trouble finding it!

The main important thing is that you can access your medical ID from the locked phone. Those assisting you will have no trouble finding it!

Remember! Our new addition gi to the app gives you an option to download your Medical ID as a pdf 🙂 Use it and be safe!

Learn more about features – here

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