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Creating a new product is incredibly expensive. Especially one like ours that involves building new hardware and software specifically for it. We’d love for a world to exist where anyone with a small amount of money could build a brand new product, but sadly that doesn’t exist. Fortunately, crowdfunding does. We’re hoping that others will share our vision in how our new form of medical ID could change the world and by working together we can fund this project.


Because it seems like the next logical step in medical ID. Medical data engraved onto leather or metal has been around for a long time, too long. It’s 2019, do we really want to settle for having such an old fashioned physical product like that? Say your condition slightly changes, you’re now on a different medication. How do you update your medical ID? You’d likely have to buy a new one, or at least get something new engraved. Now take our smart medical ID – your condition changes, what do you do? Simply update your medical data on your phone and press sync. Your medical ID bracelet is now up to date. Time taken? Less than a minute. Cost? £0. Of course there are added benefits as well such as being more fashionable and having other basic smartwatch features.

We believe that it is important to improve the lives of people that suffer from diabetes or other life threatening diseases.

Life is hard with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Harder than most people know. Why not make something in their lives a little bit better? Easily available and updatable medical ID is an important thing those with medical conditions should have. Providing it is the least we can do.

How can you help? Join the movement!

If you want to support our cause, the easiest way is to go to and simply sign up for email updates. You can also download our free Android app which has a lock screen medical ID. 

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