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After our last post we suddenly realised we had quite a lot of work to do! Winning the Social Impact Prize was amazing. It did however mean that we needed to prepare our product for launch!

It was quite a change. A lot of our effort was going into preparing for the competition and doing our best to win. After winning, we had to change to focus entirely on our business. We had managed to get funding, people believed in us, it was time to start preparing for release. However…

Who knew releasing a product could be difficult?

Right now we’re just an app, how hard can it be? We already had a working app we demonstrated in our presentations, we’re ready to go, right? If only it were that easy.

Unfortunately for us (good for you), we decided we were going to remake our app. We wanted a smoother and simpler user experience so anyone and everyone could easily understand and use This is a pretty big task considering we only have 1 developer.

Here’s an example of why we wanted to remake our app:

old VS new

Although it may not look like much difference, the app on the right is far quicker, simpler, and much more efficient for the phone in general. The re-designed layout switcher at the bottom on the right means instead of a big confusing menu you can simply swipe left or right to see your desired screens.

We also decided to get rid of our logo, change our font, and make it look cleaner in general. Why do you need to be forced to look at our logo on every page? You don’t!

Four months of work

The new app took four months of work. That may seem like a long time to some people, but for something that could potentially save lives, we wanted there to be absolutely no bugs or errors that could ruin the user experience.

Included in that four months of work is some stuff you’ll never even notice, such as: re-designing the database, adding new tables, checking the server configuration is correct, and making sure everything is secure for both you and us.

We also rebuilt our landing page to be friendly for virtually every screen and device. It’s also a lot more informative for what our app is actually is. This only took us a week as landing pages are much simpler than apps!

Here’s a quick comparison between the old and new landing  pages:


Seeing as you’re here you’ve probably already seen our new landing page. We hope you like it, we feel it’s far better than our last one!

We’re going to release on the…

Our app has been secretly out for about a week or so, we wanted to get a few users to make sure everything was working as expected before really going for it with our release. We’ve done that now, and everything worked perfectly. Therefore, we’re going to release on the 27th of September (Thursday this week!).

We’re pretty excited about our release. Obviously we hope it’s going to be extremely popular, but only time will tell! We’ll be keeping you all updated on how it’s going much more regularly now the app and website are fully done. We still have a huge ‘secret’ that we’re working on that will help people in a  far greater way than our app alone, we really believe it will save lives. Unfortunately we can’t say much about that right now but keep it in mind. The App is only our first step.

A little note that may be annoying for some people, we’re currently only on android for development reasons. However, if our release goes as expected, we plan to be on iOS ‘soon’ after.

Let us know!

We love hearing from you. Comments, emails, whatever! We like the idea of working with our followers. If you feel like you have a better way to do something or want a new feature for the app, tell us! We’ll listen to everyone.

Thank you so much for reading and pay attention to this week… we have lots of news coming!

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