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For us everyone is equally important.

We want to improve the quality of life for all people.

However, today we feel like it is very important to appreciate all the mothers out there.

The 11th of March is your day.

We want to make you feel special and appreciated.

Being a mum is a challenging and difficult task, but being a diabetic mum is even harder. You not only need to make sure your child is safe but also need make sure you are safe, strong, and healthy.

We are also celebrating mothers whose children suffer from diabetes. was created with the idea to not only help those that suffer from life threatening illnesses but also their families and friends. We want people to be together even when they’re apart.

Happy Mother’s day wants to wish you all an amazing Mother’s day and we hope that all your dreams come true. That you and your kids will feel safe and protected. That you will be able to explore the world in the way you want and nothing will limit you in any way. That you children are going to explore the world in the way they want.

Soon we will be able to give you more updates about our product. For now on keep an eye at this space. Subscribe to our newsletter and maybe you’ll be the first one to use our app! Team 🙂


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