Smart Medical ID

Universal medical ID with panic button and “dead man’s switch” features

Have you ever wonder what is going to happen if you’re on your own or surrounded by strangers who won’t know what’s happening and what to do?

Do you carry with you a Medical ID card?

Do you wear a Medical ID bracelet?

We believe that in dangerous situations Medical ID can help to identify you and your underlying conditions.

That’s why developed a smart Medical ID. It is fully customisable. You can decide exactly what you want to display and when you want to display it. Medical ID appears at all times on your phone 24/7. You don’t need to unlock your phone to see all the information. Just double tap to open it. It is important that your medical ID will still be accessible from a locked phone. Those assisting you will have no trouble finding it!

Remember! Our New addition gives you an option to download your Medical ID as a pdf 🙂 Use it and be safe!

Learn more about features – here

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What’s new!

Product Update 29/07/2019

What’s new is a new bi-weekly release that’s going to appear on our blog on Mondays. is constantly developing and changing so in order to keep you up to date we hope that these bi-weekly updates with help. We have also something very exciting coming your way in September. That’s why there is no better way to stay in touch with you. We also would you like you to use the comment section as much as you can. We want to start a conversation with you. is for you so if there is something you would like to change just let us know and we will try to make it happen.


We’ve made a few changes to ‘Medical ID’

  • Added the ability to download Medical ID as PDF. From now on you can simply go to the app and print all your medical information. 
  • Added an extra field ‘Other’ in Medical section. Simply add any extra information you think is valuable about you. 

  • From now on your profile images are going to be saved in a gallery folder. 

Learn more about features – here

Keep up to date with our social platforms on Instagram and on Twitter @Deadline.liveUK

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Why was created?

Why did we decide to target our product towards diabetic people?

The number of diabetic people in the UK is constantly rising. According to BBC News, Health experts are warning that one in 10 adults in the UK will be at risk of developing diabetes by 2035. This data provide a very frightening warning. Therefore, we thought that it is a good idea to develop something unique and helpful for diabetic people. wants to support these people in everyday actions to make them feel safer and happier.

One in 10 adults in the UK will be at risk of developing diabetes by 2035

Another reason why diabetes is so important for us is the fact that the co-founder of is diabetic, he knows the struggle and how life can be hard especially when he is on his own. He was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes at the age of 13. It immediately changed his whole life. Every day he needs to monitor his sugar level and undertake the necessary action as a response to the result. If the sugar level is too low it is possible for him to lose consciousness or worse. He has realised that there is a need among people that suffer from diabetes to make them feel safer. As the idea of living on his own or travelling without anyone scared him. He didn’t want to feel like this and he didn’t want other people to feel the same.

Leave any comments or questions that you may have in the section below. We are always open to any suggestions you have. We are constantly improving our product, therefore, we really want to know all your needs and desires. Team 🙂

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This time last year

On the 4th of May last year we have won a Social Impact Price at the Sussex Innovation Centre. It helped us to gain funds and mentorship to develop our idea further. We kept ourselves very busy and still, there are so many more things to come in your way. We’re so excited to share with you what the future holds for

Winners of the StartUp Sussex and Social Impact Prizes

But firstly, let’s discuss what did so far.

In the last year has been focusing on releasing the product and raising awareness of its brand.

The app was successfully released on the Google Play store available for all Android users. The app received very positive feedback during user testing. As our target market involves people of all ages, a UI designer was contracted to make the app as intuitive as possible. The design changes were implemented successfully and were received very well.

Our social media is also building via blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Our aim is to build a community around our product so this is an important task for us.

We’ve presented our product to various investors and partners. (More about that later on in the year.)

Our main focus now is finishing and finalising something very exciting that we can’t still share with you. But we will when it will be ready for you. We promise it is worth the wait and we believe that it will make app even better product than it already is.

Till the next time 🙂

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The importance of staying connected to your family and friends

In this blog post, we want to share with you how important it is to be supportive of others. We live in a fast-paced world where we need to say and do things automatically without even having enough time to think about it. We are trying to do as much as we can and sometimes in all of this we forget about people around us.

We’ve created a virtual world for ourselves and we forgot about what is really important in life. Our family and friends and their health should be a priority for us.

The idea for is to use new technologies and keep people closer together and not apart. We want to use the technology we love so much and use every day for a good cause. We don’t always have time to visit people close to our heart. We might have someone in a family that suffers from diabetes. They can be in danger especially when they are alone.

For us other humans wellbeing is very important. We want to emphasise it here. We are working very hard to create something that can help you and us ‘start living instead of worrying’.

It is very important to know your health. won’t tell you and your family and friends if you are healthy but it will tell them you are doing well and there is nothing to worry about. But at the same time, we want to create a community for you where you will be able to share your health journeys. We believe in the power of community and belonging. We don’t want you to be along with your illness. co-founder is Polish. She moved to England when she was 19 years old. Her family and friends are still in Poland. She had to create her own safe place here in the UK. It is not always easy especially when you are alone. She understands and knows how being connected with others is very important. Thanks to her mum even though she lives far away is able to monitor her. It provides them with comfort and safety.

The priority for is to keep people connected.

It doesn’t matter what is your illness. is here for you.

Leave a comment and tell us more about yourself and why are you interested in

Thank you team   

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10 reasons why you should use is a free personal safety app which acts your fail-safe in emergencies. It’s aim was to help those living with diabetes, however, this is not the only use!

We have put together a list of reasons on how could help you.

Top ten reasons why is just for you:

1. Boosts your personal safety

Check-in with every set amount of hours else your emergency contact and those monitoring your deadline will be notified! We’ll protect you when you can’t.

2. Displays Medical ID constantly on your lock screen

Your medical information is going to be displayed on your phone 24/7 and it will still be accessible from a locked phone. Those assisting you will have no trouble finding it!

3. Customise your Medical ID

You can decide exactly what you want to display and when you want to display it.

4. Ability to message your emergency contact

In emergency people around you will be able to see your emergency number and send them an SMS without having to unlock your phone.

5. In case of emergency you can activate a panic button

Use the panic button to immediately notify your emergency contact and those watching you that you need help!

6. Watch your family and friends is also for the family & friends or those that may be in danger. It can be for the mums & dads that just want to know their kids are safe. Simply download the app and request to watch the person you want to monitor. In an emergency you will be notified via push notification, email, and SMS if they have it setup.

7. Ability to see the current location of the person you are watching in emergencies

In emergencies your friends and family will be able to request location updates for your phone’s position. This results in a real-time location tracking system.

8. Regular reminders and alerts

We’ll remind you if you’re about to miss your check-in. If you do happen to miss it, we’ll send out alerts to your emergency contact and anyone watching you through the app.

9. Keep family and friends closer together gives a chance to people to feel that even if they far away from each other an idea of knowing exactly what is happening to the other person.

10. It’s free

Finally, you don’t have to pay anything!! We really hope that will allow you to stop worrying so much and let your friends & family help you. We want everyone to be safe.

There you have it. The only one thing left for you to do is to go to Google Play Store and download the app.

Let us know what you think about it. We are always happy to hear from you. This product is for all of us so let’s make it even better together!

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User testing

As part of our release we’re doing some user testing to make sure you all understand and love our app as much as we do! It involves being recorded while using one of our phones with installed. A very brief yet interesting experience which only requires your presence!

When? This Friday the 7th of December! Why not come along?

Where? Sussex Innovation Centre

Your opinions and feedback are extremely valuable to us. It will only take a few minutes and each participant will get a chance to win a £10 Amazon gift voucher! If you’d like to get involved please email

Posted by in Release, 0 comments is live! is finally out on android! Make sure to check it out! We really believe this is the perfect app to create calming safety net around your life. No matter where you are or whatever your condition, you’ll never feel vulnerable when you’re using

Stop worrying, start living.

Get it on Google Play

We hope you like it as much as we do. Make sure you leave reviews or suggest features! We’re so keen to work with you to make this the perfect app for both you and us.

Thanks for reading and enjoy 🙂

Following us on instagram for the latest news and updates is always a plus as well 😉

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After our last post we suddenly realised we had quite a lot of work to do! Winning the Social Impact Prize was amazing. It did however mean that we needed to prepare our product for launch!

It was quite a change. A lot of our effort was going into preparing for the competition and doing our best to win. After winning, we had to change to focus entirely on our business. We had managed to get funding, people believed in us, it was time to start preparing for release. However…

Who knew releasing a product could be difficult?

Right now we’re just an app, how hard can it be? We already had a working app we demonstrated in our presentations, we’re ready to go, right? If only it were that easy.

Unfortunately for us (good for you), we decided we were going to remake our app. We wanted a smoother and simpler user experience so anyone and everyone could easily understand and use This is a pretty big task considering we only have 1 developer.

Here’s an example of why we wanted to remake our app:

old VS new

Although it may not look like much difference, the app on the right is far quicker, simpler, and much more efficient for the phone in general. The re-designed layout switcher at the bottom on the right means instead of a big confusing menu you can simply swipe left or right to see your desired screens.

We also decided to get rid of our logo, change our font, and make it look cleaner in general. Why do you need to be forced to look at our logo on every page? You don’t!

Four months of work

The new app took four months of work. That may seem like a long time to some people, but for something that could potentially save lives, we wanted there to be absolutely no bugs or errors that could ruin the user experience.

Included in that four months of work is some stuff you’ll never even notice, such as: re-designing the database, adding new tables, checking the server configuration is correct, and making sure everything is secure for both you and us.

We also rebuilt our landing page to be friendly for virtually every screen and device. It’s also a lot more informative for what our app is actually is. This only took us a week as landing pages are much simpler than apps!

Here’s a quick comparison between the old and new landing  pages:


Seeing as you’re here you’ve probably already seen our new landing page. We hope you like it, we feel it’s far better than our last one!

We’re going to release on the…

Our app has been secretly out for about a week or so, we wanted to get a few users to make sure everything was working as expected before really going for it with our release. We’ve done that now, and everything worked perfectly. Therefore, we’re going to release on the 27th of September (Thursday this week!).

We’re pretty excited about our release. Obviously we hope it’s going to be extremely popular, but only time will tell! We’ll be keeping you all updated on how it’s going much more regularly now the app and website are fully done. We still have a huge ‘secret’ that we’re working on that will help people in a  far greater way than our app alone, we really believe it will save lives. Unfortunately we can’t say much about that right now but keep it in mind. The App is only our first step.

A little note that may be annoying for some people, we’re currently only on android for development reasons. However, if our release goes as expected, we plan to be on iOS ‘soon’ after.

Let us know!

We love hearing from you. Comments, emails, whatever! We like the idea of working with our followers. If you feel like you have a better way to do something or want a new feature for the app, tell us! We’ll listen to everyone.

Thank you so much for reading and pay attention to this week… we have lots of news coming!

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Social Impact Prize 2018

Last Thursday, the 3rd of May, was the award ceremony for Startup Sussex and the Social Impact prize at the Sussex Innovation Centre. This was the end of all the startup workshops we had been taking part in since last October. It was an especially scary yet exciting night for us as we finally found out who was going to win the prizes!

There were two main categories, one for StartUp Sussex and one for the Social Impact Prize. Luckily, we were in both. The competition had gone from over 80 initial people down to only 10 remaining. The award for coming first was a prize worth £10,000. A prize that could potentially turn any Start Up idea into a real business.

On the two days leading up to the award ceremony we had to pitch our idea to a panel of judges as well as submit a business plan. It was a very intimidating process but also an extremely educational one.

We thought our presentations for had gone really well.

In both presentations we did at least one judge said they thought it was a really good idea or that they would even buy it. Although this gave us a lot of confidence that we could stand a chance of winning, the competition we faced was extremely tough.

As Thursday approached our nerves amplified. Every time I thought about the winners being called out and not being one of them I got an adrenaline spike throughout my body. Going to the awards ceremony we were almost on autopilot. Both of us were extremely anxious but also knew we had to make it through the day no matter if we won or not.

The awards ceremony itself was a nice formal occasion with lots of free food and alcohol, always a plus. There were many photos being taken and every competitor was there with their friends or family. I’m not sure how the other competitors felt but all we could think about was what time the awards were being given out and to whom they would go.

Halfway through the ceremony we gathered into a room to watch videos giving a brief overview of each competitors idea. Although it makes us cringe, here’s ours:


After all the videos were shown we went back out into the main gathering area for more food and drink. Neither of us ate as we were too nervous. Even writing this now I’m starting to get anxious even though it’s over! The fact is, winning £10,000 could potentially change our lives and make turn our business into our careers. It was hard not to be nervous.

After what seemed to be a long time waiting for the awards to start, finally, they did.

It started with a few speeches about how far we had all come. And we hadn’t really thought about it, but they were right, had gone from a website and a half finished app to a developed business plan, presentation, and a working prototype. Without the Sussex Innovation Centre’s help we wouldn’t be anywhere near as far as we are now.

And finally, the awards were given out. The awards were being given out by the Brighton Mayor,  Mo Marsh. The Social Impact category was first. Amazingly the generous person behind the funding for this category was so impressed with the competition that he added more prizes, that meant there were now 3 prizes in this category! This obviously boosted our morale as it meant our chances of winning at least something had increased massively!

3rd place was given to Vorteil –  a sustainable tech business creating products such as solar powered lights.

2nd place was given to RED –  giving renewable energy to rural communities in Zimbabwe.

1st place was given to… DEADLINE.LIVE!

We won the Social Impact Prize! I can’t describe how much relief and excitement hearing 1st place goes to “” gave us. It meant so much to us. Not only to help us financially but also to prove that it’s a good idea and that we can convince other people that our idea means something. We and all the other winners were so relieved. We all gathered together celebrating each other and just hung around being happy and in shock.

Everything after this was a blur of excitement and happiness. It got round to the the StartUp Sussex category winners were being awarded their prizes, unfortunately we didn’t win anything here but we can’t be too greedy 😉 We had to give a comment of how we felt for a press release and have lots of photos taken! For the night we felt famous.

Here’s a picture of all the winners! (We’re on the left)


As the night came to an end we tried to thank everyone involved but likely missed some people due to still being in shock! We would like to thank everyone at the Sussex Innovation Centre, especially Simon and Joseph. We really think these past few months working on with you will change the rest of our lives. We want to thank all the judges and also those that wish to remain anonymous! Everyone helped us a great deal and gave us such confidence in ourselves and in our business. We will never forget it. Thank you.

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