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Dead man's switch

Check-in with every set amount of hours else your emergency contact and those monitoring your deadline will be notified! We'll protect you when you can't.

Medical ID

We have medical ID built into the app. This displays as a notification 24/7 even if your phone is locked. This provides an extra layer of safety.

Panic button

We provide a panic button which immediately calls for help instead of waiting for your deadline to expire. Perfect for when you are aware that you need help.


In an emergency those monitoring your deadline are able to see your current location and also request updates. This ensures you'll always be found.


The aim of is to provide a simple and reliable digital safety net for anyone that feels vulnerable.

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We're currently an app that uses the idea of a dead man's switch. We monitors your check-ins and location. Failure to check-in within your designated timeframe alerts anyone monitoring your deadline and gives them the ability to track your location to find and save you.

We also have basic personal safety features such as a panic button and medical ID for emergencies.

Deadline.Live stood out for us with a professional brand image, a working prototype, and an innovative solution that could deliver real social value to diabetic care.

- Peter Lane, Innovation Support Manager at Sussex Innovation

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How it works

Deadline created and check-in begins

Deadline expires if no check-in registered within

Family/friends notified of expired deadline

Family/friends given ability to track your phone

You are saved!


There are some people that don't feel safe just living their life, we want to change that. aims to give people a sense of security knowing that they have a backup, a safety net that will help them if anything bad happens.

The original idea for came from a personal dilemma. William Halle (our Managing Director) suffers from diabetes. A common problem with diabetes is low blood sugar. Although most of the time this can be solved by eating a few sweets, sometimes it's serious and can result in loss of consciousness, coma, or even death. The fact is, every low sugar level situation could be resolved by someone knowing you needed help.

As the universe loves to play tricks on us, one of the symptoms of low sugar is confusion, a diabetic wouldn't neccesarily know that they needed help. That's where we come in. Our dead man's switch will send help unless you tell it not to. It will always have your back.

Meet the team

team member Will

William Halle

Managing Director

& Co-founder

team member Asia

Joanna Kmiec

R&D Director

& Co-founder

Award winning are the proud winners of the 2018 Sussex Social Impact Prize. We won due to our potential to change lives. Read more about it at The Argus. winning Social Impact prize

The future is currently only an Android app. We will be coming to iOS in the near future so we can help all of you.

However, the app is only the beginning. We're currently in talks to create a 'product' which we believe would help transform the lives of those that suffer from diseases, conditions, or even those that just want to feel safer.

work on example

While for our own legal reasons we can't disclose what this product is exactly, don't forget about it! All we can say is check back around February 2019... perhaps they'll be some news?