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For hundreds of thousands of people living with serious health conditions, true independence is out of reach. The potential for medical emergency is ever-present; what happens if you’re on your own when one occurs, or surrounded by strangers who won’t know what’s happening and what to do?

That’s why Deadline.live is developing the world’s first intelligent medical ID bracelet. The smart wristband delivers a complete medical history and instructions for first responders, and pairs with our award-winning personal safety app to provide a failsafe in any emergency. So you can stay worry-free and get on with making the most of life.

Introducing the world's first intelligent medical ID bracelet.

Did you know more than 95% of first responders look for a medical ID during emergencies? And 95% of those look on the wrist first.

medical ID features

Medical ID

Universal medical ID with the capacity for a great deal of information. Gone are the days of deciding what's most important. Everything is!

Customsiable display


The medical ID can be updated whenever you want. If you condition changes simply update it. No more buying new medical IDs for new conditions.

medical ID features

Smartwatch Features

We understand that the wrist is an important area. We don't want to waste that space. Therefore, we're also including basic smart watch features into the medical ID!

The medical ID syncs with our app Deadline.live which has even more personal safety features and offers a phone based medical ID.

Our story

The original idea for Deadline.live came from a personal dilemma. William Halle (co-founder) suffers from diabetes. A common problem with diabetes is low blood sugar. Although most of the time this can be solved by eating a few sweets, sometimes it's serious and can result in loss of consciousness, coma, or even death. The fact is, every low sugar level situation could be resolved by someone knowing you needed help.

Together, William & Joanna co-founded Deadline.live and brought it from a simple website to what it is now, a personal safety app & a prototype for much much more.

Here's how it all happened...


The Beginning

Roughly two years ago from now, the idea for Deadline.live was born! After a casual talk about the potential, William & Joanna decided the idea was worth pursuing. Soon after this the Deadline.live website was created.


StartUp Sussex

After creating the website and having a working web based check-in system, it was soon realised that in order to scale up, funding was needed. Luckily, one of Joanna's friends mentioned a start-up competition...

MAY 2018


Months of hard work later, the idea of Deadline.live as an app linked with a medical ID wearable was presented to a panel of expert judges. For the potential to bring about positive social change, Deadline.live won the Sussex Social Impact Prize! This awarded us with continued support at the Innovation Centre as well as £10,000 to help build the business.



Once the celebrations died down, work was started on the Deadline.live app. Within 4 months we went from having just a web-app to a fully functional Android app released. The app has gone through many design changes before reaching what it is now, and we're extremely proud of it.



The funding from the Social Impact Prize was always going to be focused on one thing: building a protoype of the intelligent medical ID. After over a year of planning and discussion, we can finally say that this has happened. With this we truly believe we can start bringing medical ID into 2019 and make the smart, functional, and fashionable medical ID people have been waiting for.